I love pigs, the padres and bbq! I love pigs, the padres and bbq!

Hello there! My name is Allegra and I’m the one running the show at leggycooks. I am a California girl and a recent transplant to Santa Monica from my lovely hometown of San Diego. Beyond the kitchen, I can often be found playing in the brilliant SoCal sunshine; decked out in neon Nikes running near Santa Monica pier. While pounding the pavement is fun my preferred hobby is competitive swimming, and if I had gills my life would be complete. As a result of being constantly exposed to sun I apply sunscreen like it’s going out of style but due to the occasional slip up am perpetually tan. I am half Chinese /North American; a happa if you will. People tell me I’m small but I occasionally forget this fact. I LOVE music, and when I’m not submerged in a chlorinated tank I’m listening to it and fantasizing about my next life as a rock star. I am now in hot pursuit of a career in health care and am close to closing in on a great career as a nurse! Thank you for stopping by and be sure to check in often for the latest and greatest out of the leggy kitchen.